Bridgeport, Connecticut

Given the destruction that’s happening over Texas right now, one would hope that the rest of the country is pretty quiet so meteorologists can just focus on making sure the residents there are up to date on the most current conditions. Let’s take a look if New England going to give them a reprieve to finish out the weekend.

At 852pm EDT, the temperature at Bridgeport, CT was 69 degrees under fair skies. High pressure is camping out over New England tonight, and models don’t have it moving ANYwhere for the next couple of days. It looks to sit over the area until Tuesday before an area of low pressure tries to dislodge it as it moves up from the Carolinas. Before that, however, it’s nothing but quiet weather and lots of sun for New England. Get out and enjoy it everybody!

Sunday: Sunny skies, few afternoon clouds. High 77, Low 59.
Monday: Mostly sunny, few more clouds. High 75, Low 61.

TWC: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 76, Low 57.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 74, Low 59.

AW: Sunday: Mostly sunny and beautiful. High 77, Low 55.
Monday: Periods of clouds and sun. High 74, Low 59.

NWS: Sunday: Sunny. High 77, Low 58.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 75, Low 59.

WB: Sunday: Sunny. High 75, Low 60.
Monday: Mostly sunny. High 72, Low 62.

WN: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 77, Low 57.
Monday: Partly cloudy. High 75, Low 59.

FIO: Sunday: Partly cloudy overnight. High 74, Low 58.
Monday: Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon. High 77, Low 61.

Its pretty quiet in the New England today, with just some clouds traversing Maine. Looks like it’s going to stay that way for the next couple of days at least.