St. Cloud, Minnesota

What’s this? A second forecast?! That’s right, it’s a 2 for 1 day! You can thank the eclipse for that. This bonus forecast is for St. Cloud, MN! Site of my alma mater, and in 4 years, my niece can say the same after I helped move her in last week. They grow up so fast these days… but in any event, let’s see how the weather will be for the end of the first full week of classes up there.

At 1153pm CDT, the temperature at St. Cloud, MN was 60 degrees under overcast skies. High pressure is found throughout the Upper Midwest currently, so what’s up with these showers found in the area? Turns out a vortmax in the mid-levels of the atmosphere is stirring up things. Most of the heavier showers are staying off to the northwest, but St. Cloud won’t be completely dry as some light activity is expected to move in during these pre-dawn hours. Luckily, most of this activity should clear out by the time students head off to their morning classes and clouds will break up as the day progresses. Dry weather continues into Friday afternoon when another mid-level disturbance shifts out of the Dakotas and into MN, kicking up another round of scattered showers and maybe even an isolated thunderstorm.

Thursday: A few light early morning showers, then becoming partly cloudy by afternoon. High 75, Low 55.
Friday: Increasing clouds, few showers in afternoon. High 70, Low 57.

TWC: Thursday: Partly cloudy, isolated shower possible. High 72, Low 52.
Friday: Isolated thunderstorms. High 66, Low 55.

AW: Thursday: An early morning shower possible, then clouds breaking up and pleasant. High 71, Low 53.
Friday: Variable clouds with a shower. High 65, Low 55.

NWS: Thursday: Isolated showers, then partly sunny. High 71, Low 53.
Friday: Chance of showers. High 67, Low 55.

WB: Thursday: Chance of early morning shower, then partly cloudy. High 69, Low 53.
Friday: Chance of storms. High 65, Low 55.

WN: Thursday: Mostly cloudy with an isolated shower, then partly cloudy. Low 72, Low 55.
Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 66, Low 55.

FIO: Thursday: Light rain starting overnight continuing into morning. High 74, Low 55.
Friday: Light rain in the morning and evening. High 67, Low 59.

That mid-level disturbance is bringing plenty of rain showers to the area, but staying just off to the north and west of St. Cloud. They’ll probably see a few light showers this morning yet before they clear out for the rest of the day.

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