Weather Wayback…. the slow start to summer

The past few weeks have been unusually cool for all areas east of the Rockies, giving the end of summer an easy transition to autumn. Back in April, spring was late arriving in the Great Lakes as well. Ann Arbor, Michigan saw a system move through the region on the final weekend of April, bringing not only a half an inch of rain with steady showers and isolated thunderstorms, but also high temperatures in the mid 50s both Saturday and Sunday. That’s not a great weekend, but at least April wasn’t technically summer yet, but it was one of those first weekends in which expectations were high, and plans were ruined. Weathernation was the top forecaster in a collection of very similar forecasts.
Actuals: Saturday, April 29th -Rain reported, not measured, High 55, Low 46
Sudnay, April 30th – .58 inches of rain, High 55, Low 39

Grade: C