Minneapolis, Minnesota to Gulfport, Mississippi

Today we embark on a long 2-day road trip from Minneapolis to the Gulf Coast. It’s nearly 1200 miles, so we have 2 full days ahead of us. Will the weather make it feel even longer? Let’s take a look!


High pressure sitting over the Great Lakes is keeping the area dry this morning, but there’s some areas of fog expected to last into the mid-morning hours thanks to the increased humidity. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem as we head southward into Iowa. Mostly sunny skies are expected as we push through Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and eventually into Eastern Missouri. Our quiet day will end in the southern outskirts of St. Louis.


As low pressure continues to push out into the Plains, some spotty activity is expected to develop out ahead of it over the MS River Valley, with some isolated showers possible as we continue into southeast MO on I-55. We’re going to be following this interstate for most of the day, so directions will be fairly easy to follow as we sneak into northeast AR and eventually by Memphis. Some widely scattered thunderstorms are possible from Memphis and continues southward to Jackson, where we veer onto I-49 which will take us the rest of the way. We could run into a couple of stronger afternoon/evening thunderstorms as we push through MS, but most of the activity by this point should already be dissipating and dry weather is expected for the rest of the ride into Gulfport!