Weather Wayback…. Always in Longview

It seems as though Anthony is the only one to ever forecast in Longview, and this Eastertime forecast was the second in a row that he did that we looked at a verification a few months later. It was something of a secret because of a certificate issue with Weather Underground, the best almanac for historical weather on the web. I figured it out, though, and saw that Easter did turn out to be wonderful in east Texas. There was a threat for some isolated thunderstorm activity in the area, but it held off until Monday, and even then was light enough that it certainly didn’t ruin anyone’s day. Victoria-Weather was the only outlet with a proper precip prognostication, but Weatherbug had a spot on temperature forecast, earning a victory in this weather wayback.
Actuals: April 16th, High 84, Low 65
April 17th – Trace of rain, High 80, Low 67

Grade B-C