Champaign, Illinois

It’s been quite the last couple of days over the Midwest, as round after round of severe weather and flooding rains have hit the region from MN to IN. Home of the University of Illinois, let’s see how Champaign, IL will fare this this weekend!

At 1053pm CDT, the temperature in Champaign, IL was 80 degrees under fair skies. A stationary boundary has been camped out over northern IL for the last couple of days and been the focus of severe weather along with flooding rains. That tends to happen a lot in the summer months here from the Northern Plains through the Upper Midwest into the Great Lakes region, stationary boundaries camp out and the abundant summer moisture becomes fuel for these typical nocturnal complexes. One is currently setup from NW Iowa through IL into northern IN and luckily for Champaign, they’re staying off to the north. For the most part, they should do that through the remainder of the overnight hours into Saturday morning, though i wouldn’t rule out a few stray cells making their way over the area before clearing out for the mid to late morning hours. There’s a chance of some evening activity flaring up as the boundary sags southward a bit, but the bulk of activity should still remain off to the north and east. Sunday sees a weak low pressure area swing through the Great Lakes, but most of the activity should remain off to the north and not bother the fine people of Champaign.

Saturday: Isolated morning storms, increasing chance of late evening showers/storms. High 93, Low 76.
Sunday: Decreasing clouds throughout the day. High 89, Low 71.

TWC: Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy. A stray severe thunderstorm is possible. High 96, Low 77.
Sunday: Considerable clouds early, then lessening. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 92, Low 72.

AW: Saturday: Some sun, a t-storm in spots. High 95, Low 77.
Sunday: Clouds and sun, hot and humid. High 90, Low 73.

NWS: Saturday: Chance of thunderstorms. High 94, Low 76.
Sunday: Slight chance of early morning thunderstorm, then partly sunny. High 89, Low 73.

WB: Saturday: Chance of thunderstorms. High 92, Low 78.
Sunday: Partly sunny. High 89, Low 74.

WN: Saturday: Partly cloudy with scattered storms. High 93, Low 75.
Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 90, Low 73.

FIO: Saturday: Light rain until morning, starting again in the evening. High 94, Low 78.
Sunday: Partly cloudy until night. High 89, Low 72.

A band of potent thunderstorms is found over Northern IL into Northern IN, with the bulk of the severe activity remaining off to the north. They’ll be under the gun for another day in regards to this activity, but should finally catch a break to finish off the weekend.

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