Don’t try to make sense of the winds

Olympia sits near sea level, near Puget Sound and surrounded by the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. Surface winds, as a result, aren’t often reflective of the winds found at higher reaches of the atmosphere. This made figuring out the temperature trends rather interesting when looking at the wind direction. It was apparent that the narrow temperature variance on Thursday was a result of overcast conditions, while those clouds cleared out on Friday, and the temperatures were warmer in the afternoon and cooler in the morning. This was because the flow switched from westerly to southerly. Meanwhile, at the surface, wind trends did just the opposite. It cleared out and got warmer when winds at the surface became northwesterly. Mountains are the worst. Forecasts were fairly mediocre, but The Weather Channel collected the top forecast for the day.
Actuals: Thursday – High 72, Low 57
Friday – High 83, Low 45

Grade: C-D