Snow in July

The US has enjoyed a brief respite from the heat of summer. Nights were comfortable, and even the southeastern US hasn’t been parked in mid 90s for several days now. It’s been surprisingly cool, but I didn’t think it was this cold!

All right, OK, that picture is from New Zealand, where it is winter, but it was taken from near Rotorua, which is in the northern part of North Island, nearly to Auckland. This snow is indeed unusual.  According to the New Zealand Herald, it is a once a decade event!

“The last time I remember this happening was eight, maybe 10 years ago. I didn’t get a chance to go out and see, we were in a council meeting watching the snow falling into the trees.” – Trevor Maxwell, Rotorua Councilmember

Areas around the city of Rotorua, and particularly at higher elevations saw snow accumulations that were even greater than the dusting seen in town. Further south, towards Wellington, it was even snowier.  Snow is expected to turn to rain once again before things warm up in New Zealand.