A few videos from Minnesota storms during the past week

The fun part of the summer for a meteorologist in the Plains is that thunderstorms tend to erupt with higher tops and more abundant lightning. In that spirit, here are a couple of videos that celebrate both of those ideas. The first is a thunderstorm rolling into the Twin Cities from the northwest on the 4th of July. Look of over the tops of the trees, and you can see some fireworks in the foreground as the storm moves in.

The below video is from tonight, and looks at the top of a developing storm to the southwest. Look how tall that storm gets up there! We only took a glancing blow from this storm, but it continued on south, and continues to bring strong thunderstorm with severe wind and hail in southern Minnesota.

Thunderstorms are entertaining, especially from a safe vantage point. These videos are just two examples that demonstrate their beauty from a distance, in my opinion.