A first look at the 4th

This evening, Mother Nature is producing her own fireworks from the eastern Great Lakes to the central and Northern Plains, with some rumbles of thunder also cropping up in the southeast. Next Tuesday, at this time, we’ll all probably be in our back yards, watching completely legal fireworks being launched by neighbors, shortly after the municipal shows dominated the twilight.

So what kind of weather are we looking at for the 4th? I’m happy to say, most of the country should get in some traditional 4th of July activities, either the barbecue or the fireworks at sunset. here is a look at the GFS output for mid day and the early evening, respectively.

While there is certainly a threat for showers and storms, particularly in the southeastern US, there is nothing particularly well organized on this map. There might be some rain to duck during the day in the southeast, but it won’t continue through the day, and there will be time to fire up those gas grills.

Later, the center of the country, in and around Missouri, could see some headier storm activity, though it’s far too soon to¬†figure it exactly where the storms will materialize. The activity in Florida will dissipate as the afternoon wears on, and by sunset, any remaining storms will likely be inland, away from most of the shows.

So go out, enjoy Independence Day without fear of nasty weather.