Burned out

Last week, before things got ruined by Cindy, Panama City and the rest of the Florida Panhandle was being overrun by flow off the Gulf, directed towards a series of low pressure centers sweeping through New England. It got a little bit rainier later in this week, but before Cindy would get there, it was surprisingly dry, given the flow regime. Of course, the problem was that nascent tropical feature absorbing any moisture that wanted to come ashore, so that likely played a role in that aberrant lack of rain. In fact, there was no rain on Friday, but there¬†was a splash on Saturday, considerably less than had been in the forecast, pre-Cindy. Those sunnier than expected skies also produced temperatures that were towards the warmer end of forecasts. Victoria-Weather had warm highs, but it was The Weather Channel’s warm lows that earned them the victory.
Actuals: Friday –¬†High 86, Low 70
Saturday – Rain reported, not measured, High 88, Low 75

Grade: B-C