When Weather Meets Sports

Often times, sports are at the mercy of the elements. Football games are played in the rain and snow and ridiculous cold. Soccer matches are played in blistering heat and drowning humidity. Baseball games are usually what we equate most to being affected by the elements since teams usually encounter several rain delays a season. However, today is the 38th anniversary of a game that was greatly affected by another weather element… wind!

On May 17th, 1979, the Philadelphia Phillies played the Chicago Cubs in south-southwesterly winds steady at 20-25mph and gusting to almost 40mph at times. The Windy City certainly lived up to its name, since that wind direction blows straight out to left at Wrigley Field. Wrigley is famous (or infamous) for games in which the wind blows out, since balls that are normally hit as long fly outs often times wind up landing in the bleachers. This game was no exception but wound up becoming an extreme example. By the time the game was over after 10 innings, the two teams combined for 11 home runs and an incredible 45 runs, as the Phillies defeated the Cubs 23-22. Those 45 runs are the 2nd most in a MLB game in history, with the Phillies and Cubs combining for 49 back in the 1920s.

Today, the Reds and Cubs played a game in which “only” 12 runs, but the winds were gusty from the south-southwest once again. In fact, one Reds batter hit a ball that given it’s trajectory leaving the bat has NEVER been a home run… until tonight. Gotta love weather, never know what it will affect on a day to day basis!