Warm Weather Then Washout?

Spring is finally taking hold over the Upper Midwest, with temperatures this weekend finally pushing into the 80s for the first time all year in the Twin Cities. The forecast not only calls for a couple more days in the 80s, but even a possible run at 90 for Tuesday. Sweltering even! However, the big story of the next few days isn’t the increasing heat, it’s the impending deluge that is taking aim at the Upper Midwest. A couple areas of low pressure look to eject along a stationary boundary that’s setting up over the region, and with them comes plentiful moisture from the south. The SPC has issued a Slight risk for southern MN for Monday and also extends through the area for Tuesday. This boundary is going to the the likely focus of training thunderstorms over the next couple of days, which could inundate newly planted crops when farmers were able to take advantage of the last few dry, sunny days. Rain is always good to help kickstart some new crops, but too much of a good thing could stop them before they even get a chance to get going.