Right in our Wheel-ing house

Mere hours after we¬†announced that Victoria-Weather was the forecaster of the month, we also get to do a verification for Wheeling, which we forecast for last weekend as a heat wave gripped the Upper Ohio Valley. The warm up seemed due to end, however, as a cold front rolled through town, bringing showers and storms on Sunday and Monday, dropping a considerable amount of rain, and steadily dragging temperatures down on Monday. Fortunately for Wheeling, they were far enough south that they didn’t have to worry about snow, like they saw in the Northern Plains as a result of this system. Fortunately for Victoria-Weather and Forecast.io, the weather behaved enough that we compromised on a victory (F.io was warmer on highs and V-W was cooler on lows, which both ended up being right.)
Actuals: Sunday – .17 inches of rain, High 86, Low 57
Monday – .54 inches of rain, High 80, Low 54

Grade: C-D