Carolina Deluge

We’re still a good 5-6 weeks away from hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin (even though we just had our first named storm last week, which didn’t do anything other than annoy some fish and perhaps a shipping lane or two), but that doesn’t mean areas of the US can’t see tropical moisture in mid-Spring. A cut-off area of low pressure is traversing the Southeast US right now, which has taken some Gulf Stream moisture and dumped it over the Carolinas at its’ leisure. Widespread reports of 2-4 inches of rain has fallen from Central TN eastward throughout the Carolinas, with much of the rain falling over the Carolinas in the last 24-36 hours. Some portions of the Smoky Mountains have come in at 6-8 inches over the last couple of days, prompting Flood Warnings and Flash Flood Warnings over most of Central and Southeastern NC and northern SC as well. Here we see the rainfall amounts over the last 3 days and unfortunately, it continues to rain heavily in NC tonight and will into tomorrow.