A look at yesterday’s tornadoes near Dimmitt, Texas

Yesterday, Anthony discussed a slow moving super cell thunderstorm near Dimmitt, Texas in the far northern portion of the Texas Panhandle. A slow moving tornado in the Panhandle is basically a storm chaser’s dream, and there is a lot of video out there now of the series of twisters that rolled through (much of it with other chasers in the frame). Above is a long look at several of the twisters from Val Castor.  Below is a collection for Stas Speransky, including a large wedge at the end of the clip.

Throughout the evening, the radar showed a classic hook echo, and as I said, the whole thing reused to move. Ian Livingston has captured the night’s loop.

It was a night similar to this in 1995 that researchers were able to capture a wealth of information for a large tornado near Dimmitt. There is a great deal of data out there from this set of tornadoes as well, so hopefully, important information can be gleaned from the new knowledge.