Panhandle Slowpoke

As we push further into Spring, severe weather seems to be a possibility every single day. Earlier today, a couple of supercells popped up over the TX Panhandle, one of them spawned a very picturesque tornado near Dimmit, Texas (which later evolved into a very large wedge tornado, but luckily nobody seemed to get injured from it). Working in the interest of public safety, was the absolute snails pace of which it was moving. Over the span of 8 hours, the cell moved only 80 miles, a glacial pace when it comes to supercell storms. Radar indicated that over 10 inches of rain fell over a couple of counties, leading to many reports of flash-flooding in the region. However, due to hail contamination, that’s probably an over-representation of how much actually fell, probably closer to 4-7 inches (which is still a TON of rain in a 6-8 hour period). At least the storm’s slow movement meant people had plenty of time to avoid the tornadoes associated with the cell, which is what we all like to see.

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