Strong storms continue in the mid-South, look even dicier tomorrow

The last several days have seen strong thunderstorms dance through the south central United States into the Tennessee Valley. In fact, there has been a glut of severe weather reports each of the last three days. It doesn’t appear like there are very many severe reports yet, but you can be sure that they will fill in as storms clear out and people are able to file reports. Take a look at the current radar for the region.

The clusters of storms from southern Missouri to central Arkansas have produced hail and have the potential to drop tornadoes on the underlying locales. The lines from Texarkana to the Piney Woods and the multiple squalls in southwestern Louisiana have the ability to produce very strong straight line winds, along with the attendant threat for hail and an isolated tornado.

The bad news is, the Storm Prediction Center says there is more in store tomorrow, and that it projects to be even worse.

The bullseye tomorrow will be in western Tennessee, extending south to northern Mississippi. The threat will be similar as it is today, but the threat for tornadoes will be magnified at the northern end.

The upper level jet will come more clearly into phase, amplifying the threat for severe storms in the Tennessee Valley, while also increasing the threat for strong straight line winds as the cold front’s momentum increases.

There will be a break on Friday, but things will start up again, over the same areas, this weekend.