Sunday promises a temperature bump

The pattern this weekend is going to be at the same time unchanged and quite progressive. We will continue to have a ridge out west and the same broad trough that has lingered out east in the wake of this week’s storm. Those aren’t going anywhere, but will instead be strengthened. Instead of focussing on the bad news, let’s look at what I find to be good news. It’s going to warm up in the Plains!

Take a look at the surface forecast, in which we can see a thermal ridge, represented by the arcing red lines, representing thickness, through the Plains and Mississippi Valley.

So the access of the warmest layers run from Nebraska to northern Minnesota. The warmer temperatures will be a little further to the west, as they will be boosted by westerly flow off the higher terrain.

Highs in the 80s into Nebraska, and the 70s in South Dakota. That’s not bad!