Tornadoes in Minnesota and Snow in San Francisco

This evening we are witnessing a sizable severe weather outbreak, stretching from the Upper Midwest south to the Ozarks. This is extremely early for a tornado outbreak, especially as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin. There is an elongated cold front now extended to central Oklahoma. There was a tornado north of Minneapolis that will go down as the earliest Minnesota twister on record when confirmed, and there have been numerous tornado reports all the way southwest to eastern Kansas.

Earlier in the system’s lifespan, it brought cold air south to the Bay area. Yesterday, Mount Diablo, east of San Francisco, saw it’s peaks capped with snow, while the city itself saw small hail, that the residents unaccustomed to such weather believed was snow. It was not, but still quite the phenomenon for San Francisco.

We are left with pretty pictures, such as the one from the San Francisco Gate, above, to enjoy the snow. It is still dark in Zimmerman, Minnesota, Seymour, Iowa and Carrollton, Missouri, so the entire picture of the tornado damage is yet to be developed.