The weekend slips away

Corvallis was at the tail end of a weak system when we checked in on Friday. Snow was falling in the higher Cascades, but things were on the upswing in the home of Oregon State University. Temperatures didn’t fall off after midnight on Saturday morning, and it all looked pretty good, with a warmer than expected start on Saturday. It all fell apart, however, on Sunday, as a storm coming out of the Gulf of Alaska socked the Pacific Northwest. There was even a stray flurry for Corvallis, as on Sunday, temperatures started cooler than anticipated. Kind of a crummy end to what had started as a nice weekend. Accuweather enjoyed the day’s top spot.
Actuals: Saturday – High 48, Low 35
Sunday – .34 inches of precip (some snow) High 44, L:ow 32

Grade B-C