Weather Wayback…. Whatever it takes

Obviously, the Dakotas get their reputation as iceboxes for a reason, but in early December, -8 is still unusually cold.  That’s what registered on the thermometer early on the morning of December 10th as Anthony put together the forecast for Fargo, but there was good news on the way, as a dose of warm air was coming. Of course, to earn the warm up, there needed to be a slug of snow preceding the front. It wasn’t as much as many outlets anticipated, ceasing after just over a couple inches, In Fargo, just as big a deal was the fact that the snow was not accompanied by winds more than 14mph. Victoria-Weather had the best temperature forecast, and ultimately the best overall forecast.
Actuals – December 10th – .2 inches of snow, High 7, Low -8
December 11th – 2.1 inches of snow, High 13, Low -2

Grade – B-D