Weather Wayback – Cleveland catches some flakes

Back at the beginning of December, Anthony took a look at a Cleveland forecast that was sodden with lake effect snows. OK, sodden may not have been the right turn of phrase, as there was only a stray flake or two in the mix. There was a nice blanket of overcast thanks to the fetch off Lake Erie, which kept temperatures from varying too wildly. Some outlets only had the temperature shift a degree or two during the day on December 8th, but that was a little overboard. Instead, Victoria Weather, conservative, but not aggressively so, ended up with the top forecast, and by a few degrees over the competition.
Actuals: December 8th – Trace of snow, High 33, low 25
December 9th – .08 inches of precip, falling as snow, High 30, Low 25

Grade: A-C