Hot Springs, Arkansas to Danville, Illinois

It seems like Ht Springs and Danville should be world’s aoart, but in fact, they are only an 8 hour drive from one another. They will take a quick slice across Missouri, really only passing through Memphis as a large city, and slicing quickly through the rural southern stretch of Illinois. The towns are 606 miles apart, setting the stage for a very swift 70mph trek. We’ll be there in no time!

Because of the easterly track out our initial route, we will spare ourselves the threat for snow and we will see the sun longer than if we had opted to trek through St. Louis instead of Memphis. Northern Arkansas is going to be great, as will the Bootheel of Missouri. We should be able to stay dry as far as Marion, Illinois, and we will almost certainly see some flakes by the time we hit Mount Vernon. The rest of the drive will be flurry filled, but nothing that should really slow us down.