Forecast goes a Little awry

It appeared that our forecast for Little Rock on Friday was going to take us to the outer periphery of the ultimately deadly system that clobbered the southeastern United States. Things got a bit more intense than anyone forecast on Friday. Ultimately, there was a high risk that verified in Georgia and Florida on Sunday, but before that, there were two lobes of moderate risk, including one that stretched into Arkansas. There were a few tornadoes down around the El Dorado area, but fortunately, none of the severe stuff got into Little Rock. Nevertheless, they had a bit more than anyone around here bargained for. The Weather Channel seemed as though they were destined for a complete bust of a forecast, but ended up having the top forecast for the weekend, despite not filling their hourlies all the way through the end of the day Sunday.
Actuals: Saturday – .16 of rain/thunder, High 69, Low 45
Sunday – .28 inches of rain/thunder, High 56, Low 49

Grade B-D