Mobile, Alabama to Chicago, Illinois

Really, given some of the distances we have driven recently, Chciago isn’t that far from the Gulf Coast. It helps that I-65 runs from Mobile all the way to the Indiana portion of Chicagoland. Because so much of this drive is on interstate, and the same interstate at that, the drive will come at the rapid pace of 69.5mph, which means on our first day of driving, a full day of motoring up 65, we will cover 555.8mph, leaving the rest to cover on a 5 hour day on Sunday.

DAY ONE (Saturday)

The thing about our drive on Saturday is that it will be strongly dictated by what happens today. A very wet, but unusually cold system is setting up for the southeast. There is a threat for up to 6″ of snow, from Mississippi to North Carolina with heavier snow even further east, towards the Carolinas. The sloppiest area along our route will be between Birmingham and the Tennessee border, iwith lower totals potentially as far north as Nashville. The threat for ice will be high south of there, with a glaze possble anywhere from Mobile to Birmingham, with the heaviest icing from Georgiana to Montgomery. Our day will be dictated by how much ALDOT can clean I-65 up tongiht. They’ve struggled with storms like this in the past. If we can get out of Mobile, we should make it to Bonneville in central Kentucky, but there is a realistic chance that our drive is over before it even gets started.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
If we can dig out of Alabama, and we can make it all the way to Bonneville, our little 5 hour trip on Sunday will be a piece of cake. Chilly high pressure wiill be in place over he Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, so the sun will be out and the only thing with any issues will be our car battery. Like I said, it will be chilly in Chicago. Enjoy the sunshine, though!