Olympia, Washington to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

We are three days into the New Year, and this is our shortest road trip of all of them. It’s been a lot of driving so far, and we have a 3 1/2 day trek ahead of us, covering 2,002 miles. We’ll be flying along I-94, which will allow a pace of 69mph, which will provide us with 552 miles covered in a day. That is a heck of a pace. Make sure to catch a ride, otherwise it will be in the next state before you know it.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)

Low pressure is moving ashore in northern California, and will extend it’s reach further east through the day tomorrow, with snow spreading through the Rockies and all the way to Nebraska, The good news, however, is that the snow will be unable to stretch north to I-90 close to the Canadian border. Of course, it’s going to be crazy cold, but high pressure will do an excellent job suppressing the northward advance of any precip. We’ll stop in Bearmouth, Montana, which is east of Missoula. I know the weather will be dry, but I’m not sure how comfortable being in a place called “Bearmouth”. Hmmm….

DAY TWO (Thursday)
Montana is a big state. One can never cover it in just one day, and we will end up on the eastern edge of the state, near Wilbaux on Thursday night. In the interim, there is a chance we see a little bit of light snow around Billings, thanks to a broad, sickly upslope flow, but it is more likely that we will only encounter a few clouds on our journey. On Friday, we will leave Montana.

DAY THREE (Friday)
The threat for that upslope flow is going to increase in Montana through the day Friday, so maybe we’ll want to get going a little sooner, but other than that, we will enjoy a third precip-free day as we barrel eastward through North Dakota and into Minnesota. We’ll be approaching the Twin Cities as we close out our Friday. They’ve recently had some very significant freezing rain, all followed by some bitterly cold temperatures, so it will likely still be icy from Fargo to the Twin Cities, if not on the roads, then in parking lots and on sidewalks when we stop. We’ll make it to Monticello, just on the fringes of the Twin Cities metro, before we call it a day.

DAY FOUR (Saturday)
This is it! We’re off on the last bit of our trio of lengthy trips that have started this year. High pressure and westerly flow will ensure that it will pass without too many issues. Of course, that westerly flow over the Great Lakes will mean some fun times in Michigan, but we aren’t going that far! Just the chilly burg of Fond du Lac, on the shores of Lake Winnebago