Augusta, Georgia to Olympia, Washington

For some reason, we are starting the year with a gruesomely long trip, crossing the entire country. We are going 2800 miles, as compared to the 3100 miles yesterday with Anthony. The trip will last 5 days at a pace of 67mph and 538miles a day. That 5th day will conclude after a bit longer on the road, but by that point, it’s not even going to matter. It’s going to be long all the way through.

DAY ONE (Tuesday)

A system is producing very severe weather across the southeast, which has proven fatal in parts of Alabama, and as of this writing is responsible for a tornado watch in Augusta. The remnants of the boundary will still be in place as we depart Augusta, and we will likely be driving through heavy rain through about Madison or Covington, with a break in the action between there and the Tennessee border. This is good news, as snobody wants to drive through Atlanta in good weather, and rain would be even worse. We’ll hit the cold side of the system in Tennessee, though, and by the time we reach Nashville, we will experience a chilly drizzle that will last until we cross the Ohio River, at which point some flurries will mix in. The day will finish in Vienna, Illinois.

DAY TWO (Wednesday)
Winds will be brisk, cool and from the west as we continue on our way towards Washington, but it will also be dry. We will cross Missouri and make a northerly turn towards Iowa. We’ll end in Hamburg, just over the border in Iowa, where it will be cool and windy, just like the day’s drive. Snow is likely in our future, but tonight, we will enjoy dry skies.

DAY THREE (Thursday)
High pressure will be building from the north late in the week. Don’t get me wrong, it will be a very cold wave of high pressure, but it will be one that presses developing instability south from the central Rockies towards the southern Plains. The roads will be clear and dry along our route, and the winds will be tapering off, which is a concern this time of year that needs to be addressed. We will make it to New Underwood, east of Rapid City in South Dakota without a weather worry. Well, aside from the chill. Hopefully our cars turn over in the morning!

DAY FOUR (Friday)
We will spend a lot of time driving through Montana on Friday. For the most part things will be fine for us, but on the western flank of high pressure spilling into the Plains, there might be some upslope flow in the central part of the state. Because of this, there is the threat for a few flurries between Billings and Livingston, but it should all wrap up by the time we reach our destination of Anaconda. With a name like that, I feel as though we might have additional concerns than just a bit of snow.

DAY FIVE (Saturday)
Let’s finish this. The drive through Idaho and eastern Washington will be just fine, but a strong area of low pressure moving in from the Pacific will be arriving on the coast through the day on Satrday. As we descend into the Seattle metro, the threat for precipitation will increase. Fortunately, it will start when we are low enough in elevation that it will fall as light rain. Unfortunately, we will need to navigate Seattle and Tacoma in worsening conditions, and overnight in Olympia, it will continue to deteriorate. Maybe this wasn’t the time to drive to Olympia.