Bangor, Maine to Lewiston, Idaho

Happy New Year everybody! Who wants to start things off with a 3,000+ mile road trip, shall we? *groans*


We start off on our nearly week-long journey heading southwest out of Bangor with high pressure overhead. It’ll still be cloudy as a system trekking up the East Coast will spread high-level clouds over the region, but it’ll still be dry as we make our way past Portland and through far southeastern New Hampshire. Dry weather continues as we continue west through Massachusetts, but an isolated snow shower or two could greet us as we pull into Albany, NY for the night.


Today is going to be a pretty soggy day as the aforementioned low pressure system shifts through the Northeast today. There’s a chance of some early morning freezing rain but that should pretty much all be gone by the time we make our way past Syracuse. Rain will greet us the rest of the day as we continue by Buffalo and then Erie, PA. Light rain showers will linger as we continue into northeastern OH, with perhaps a changeover to some light snow showers along the lakefront as we continue by Cleveland. We finish the night in Amhearst.

Strong northwesterly winds will no doubt kick up some lake-effect snow showers over the Great Lakes today, but luckily we’ll be past the worst areas of it as we continue westward on I-90 towards northern Indiana. We might see some lake-effect snow showers as we push past South Bend, but the duration of any such precip will be short-lived as we continue past it and drive through Chicago. Quiet weather will be expected the rest of the day as we continue by Rockford, Madison, and finally end our day in Wisconsin Dells.


A quiet start to the day due to high pressure is expected as we’ll head west on I-94 for the entire day. Once we make it past Minneapolis, we might be greeted by a weak low-pressure system bringing some light snow-showers, but it shouldn’t be anything that slows us down too much. Activity should wind down as we pass Fargo and end our night in Jamestown, ND.


High pressure sitting over southern Saskatchewan will keep the travel dry today as we head further west on I-94 into Montana and eventually into Billings for the night. Low pressure ejecting out into the Central Plains will bring clouds to the Billings area for the evening, but snow should remain south of the area.


Finally! The last day! High pressure continues to keep the route dry and quiet throughout much of the day as we negotiate our way through the mountains of Western Montana. Clouds will increase throughout the day due to a storm system pushing inland over the Western US, but only some light snow will make it to Lewiston before we arrive.