Never forecast while on vacation

I put together a forecast for Albany before Christmas, and before the internet went out for good for me for the weekend. Fortunately, I didn’t have to watch in slow motion as the forecast came completely off the rails. The biggest issue, across the board, was the low on Christmas Eve, which didn’t dip even below freezing, let alone into the 20s. The lowest mark was 36 degrees, which was a rather high total for nearly every outlet. The high on Friday also kicked up to the mid 40s, which was at several degrees warmer than anyone expected. Despite the forecast going astray, at least it was warmer and less snowy! The only precipitation that fell was a little bit of drizzle on Christmas Eve. Accuweather claimed a Pyrrhic victory.
Actuals: Friday – High 45, Low 30
Saturday – .05 inches of rain, High 41, Low 36

Grade: C-D