Kingsport, Tennessee to Albany, New York

Hello! Merry Christmas! I have been pinned down inĀ Florida the last several days without a smidgen of internet service. It was a nice break, but wholly unexpected. Now I’m back in Minnesota, in the midst of a sleet storm, and I’m ready to forecast. This trip will last a day and a half, covering 740 miles at a pace of 67mph. The full day will cover about 535 miles, with less than half a day remaining for Tuesday. It might be nice to have a shorter drive then, though, if you know what I mean.

DAY ONE (Monday)

A brisk southwesterly flow will import an unseasonably warm dose of Gulf air into the southeastern United States tomorrow. If we are cognizant, we may appreciate the fact that the warmth is related to a very strong area of low pressure to our west. If we would like to remain blissfully unaware, then we can appreciate the late December warm up at face value, and appreciate a fairly easy drive through Appalachia. The brisk flow may lead to a few spots of drizzle, and definitely some clouds around the peaks, but the roads will be free of ice and snow, and the stops for gas will be tolerable. Later in the day, clouds and the threat for drizzle may increase ever so slightly as we arrive in Pennsylvania, but not so much that it will do anything, aside from making the horizon rather bleak. Fairly appropriate for this day in particular, we will call it a night in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I hope there is room at the inn.

DAY TWO (Tuesday)
The cold front that loomed to our west on Monday will arrive on Tuesday. There might now be any thunder within the band of showers as we head from Bethlehem to Albany, but there will likely be some spots of very heavy rain. The temperature will be on its way towards something a bit more seasonable, though it will still be fairly mild for this time of year upon our arrival in Albany.