Fuzzy Math

I’m not 100% sure about how this is allowed to stand up in the permanent record. The low on Friday in Ogden will forever be 25 degrees, while on Saturday, the high will forever be known as 23 degrees. This is because an observation was taken at 1153PM, and not another until 1253, but every right thinking human must recognize that as the calendar flipped, it didn’t immediately drop 2 degrees, right? It was a pretty strange and wild couple of days in Ogden, but not that strange. Friday started with rain that turned to thunder, and was chased out by snow. By Saturday, it was all gone, and residents needed only worry about staying warm, rather than what kind of precipitation was prepared to smother their homestead. Accuweather ended up with the top forecast, whether or not the high on Saturday was 23 or 25, thanks to having the top precipitation forecast.
Actuals: Friday – .78″ of precipitation in rain/thunder/snow, High 46, Low 25
Saturday – High 25, Low 16

Grade: A-D