Weather Way back – Some questions on language, none on quality

The Weather Channel went to Pittsfield at the beginning of October and acted like they owned the place. I would say that you could just look at their forecast to figure out what went on, because they were only off by one degree on the temperature forecast, but that would discount their suspect wording on the precipitation forecast. In his forecast discussion, Anthony noted the pending dissolution¬†of a strong area of low pressure in the north Atlantic as a cause to believe that precipitation would wane as the first weekend in October itself passed, but the Weather Channel said that there was a “Better chance of showers” Not quite. But everyone did mention a threat for rain, and they did nearly peg a perfect teperature¬†forecast, so I guess I’m in no place to be too critical.
Actuals: October 1st – .01 inches of rain High 56, Low 48
October 2nd – High 59, Low 50

Grade: A-C