Providence, Rhode Island

Off we go to one of the smallest states in the USA, Rhode Island! Let’s see how their holiday weekend is going to finish!

At 151am EST, the temperature was 38 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. High pressure is slowly shifting over the area and will bring dry weather for the remainder of the holiday weekend. Temperatures will be a bit cooler Monday morning as skies will be clear overnight, causing temps to drop a bit more than Sunday morning. A decent start to the week before another system moves in on Tuesday!

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 46, Low 34.
Monday: Sunny. High 45, Low 28.

TWC: Sunday: Sunny. High 47, Low 35.
Monday: Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High 47, Low 30.

AW: Sunday: Breezy with variable clouds. High 47, Low 36.
Monday: Sunny to partly cloudy. High 47, Low 29.

NWS: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 44, Low 35.
Monday: Sunny. High 44, Low 28.

WB: Sunday: Sunny. High 43, Low 36.
Monday: Sunny. High 42, Low 29.

WN: Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 45, Low 32.
Monday: Sunny. High 45, Low 28.

FIO: Sunday: Partly cloudy starting overnight, continuing until morning. High 44, Low 34.
Monday: Clear throughout the day. High 44, Low 29.

Here we see a large system shifting out of the New England area, with a rather large area of calm weather moving in behind it.