Knoxville, Tennessee to Bloomington, Illinois

Today we are heading from scenic Eastern Tennessee all the way up into the heart of Illinois, where my cousin goes to school at! 528 miles separate these 2 cities, so it will only take us 1 day to traverse the distance. Will it be pleasant as this holiday weekend has been so far? Let’s take a look!


High pressure is found throughout the region, so dry weather is anticipated for the entirety of today’s trip. Some overcast skies are expected for our departure out of Knoxville, but they’re expected to break up by mid-morning with still mostly cloudy skies, but much higher up than the morning’s stratus deck. Winds aren’t expected to be an issue either, staying under 10mph for pretty much the entire day. The only thing that might slow us down is some construction between Louisville and Indianapolis, but the rest of the trip should be easy going!