Redding, California to Detroit, Michigan

Hey gang! We made it through another election, and fortunately, it will be two years until we need to endure another. Let’s take 4 days of that to drive from one very blue state to one surprisingly red state. Our drive will cover 2375 miles at a pace of 67.9 miles an hour, which means our first 3 days will conclude after 542.9 miles, leaving the final day for a lengthy 11 hour trek. Let’s hit the road and see some purple mountains majesty.

DAY ONE (Thursday)


Our drive will be of the type that is my absolute favorite: Absolutely perfect. high pressure has settled into the Great Basin, and it isn’t going anywhere for a while. We will be able to navigate across northern Nevada into the Salt Flats of Utah without any concern. Let’s call it a day in Grantsville, Utah, about a half hour west of Salt Lake City, but also, very, very isolated.

DAY TWO (Friday)
High pressure will be planted right over the Upper Midwest,¬†and a light southerly flow across the Rockies will ensure we have more sun and even some unseasonably warm temperatures. We’ll arrive in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, right on the border with Nebraska.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
That ridge is going to keep shifting to the east, just like us. Driving through Nebraska will be a breeze, even without a breeze, as it will be pretty calm. We’ll pass through Omaha and make it to Menlo, Iowa.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
This is going to be the longest day of our travels, but at least it is a Sunday, so traffic will be light. We’re hitting Chicago on a weekend, so it’s pretty fortunate. High pressure will be dissipating a bit, so there may be a few clouds through the Great Lakes, but this was a well timed 4 day trek through the country. No problems on any day.