Virginia Beach, Virginia to Fargo, North Dakota

This drive is going to take us through both cities that recently played in the World Series. The trip will cover 3 days and 1539 miles. Typically in November, this route would be seem silly, but the weather in the Dakotas has been terrific. Perhaps for that reason, we will average a pace of 67.9mph, expecting to cover 543 miles on a given day.  Gotta get there!

DAY ONE (Saturday)
Virginia Beach
High pressure is parked over the northeastern quadrant of the country. And it’s a ridge, too, none of that cold high pressure business that just sucks the life out of you in the middle of winter. Enjoy the drive, West Virginia is very nice to look at. We’ll stop for the day in Boston Heights, SSE of Cleveland.

DAY TWO (Sunday)
This is a really solid ridge in the heart of the country, I tell you. We’ll pass through Chicago and into southern Wisconsin without any issues. We’ll end the day in Wisconsin Dells, which is the Water Park Capital Of the World. Some might even be open with this late season surge in warmth.

DAY THREE (Monday)
A low moving through Canada is expected to tap into a plume of moisture dragged north from the Gulf of Mexico, but guidance is split on whether or not rain will fill in across Minnesota. It won’t be as heavy as it will be in western Ontario, certainly, and not as heavy as eastern Nebraska, either. The best chance for gaps will be right along our route, however from St. Cloud, Minnesota to Fargo, we should anticipate a little bit of rain, at the very least. Fargo will be a touch cooler than any other leg of the trip, but hey, we’re in NoDak!