Rome, Georgia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Today we embark on a 2-day, 743-mile journey from GA to PA. It would be fun to take a road trip from ACTUAL Rome, but I don’t think our non-floating car would make the trip. Oh well, that’s for future forecasters to worry about.



High pressure is found over much of the Eastern Seaboard, with the closest precip being some light coastal showers from GA to NC. Our route up to Chattanooga then Knoxville and continues up along I-81 over western Virginia will be free and clear of any precip and should be very pleasant! We end our day in Harrisonburg, VA.


The high pressure found over the coast is being pushed out to sea as a cold front pushes into the Northeast. While some showers and storms could be found further north along the front in NY and perhaps New England, the southern end of it only appears to have some lighter rain showers along it. Our route over western VA up through Central Maryland should be dry but with increasing clouds throughout the day. We could see some of those light showers as we approach Harrisburg and continue eastward into Lancaster.