Rome, Georgia to San Jose, California

Hey, happy weekend. There is a hurricane headed for the southeast, so let’s get out of north Georgia and head for the San Francisco Bay, what do you say? It will be a 4 day trip from the Peach State to the Golden State, covering 2404 miles. We will cover 549 miles on our first three days, with a 10+ hour drive on day 4, all at a pace of 68.7mph. Let’s clear out!


DAY ONE (Sunday)
Right now, things are great in the southeast. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, and off shore perturbations will keep things that way through the weekend. Our long road trip couldn’t ask for a better start, driving through pleasant temperatures and dry roads, from Rome all the way to Pottsville, Arkansas, which is west of Conway.

DAY TWO (Monday)
While high pressure builds in the eastern third of the country, a deep trough will be swinging into the Rockies from the Pacific Northwest. It will lead to cyclogenesis over the High Plains, and warming temperatures in the Southern Plains. It will still be dry as we make our way through Oklahoma, but some isolated thunderstorms, perhaps strong at times, will crop up in the Texas Panhandle. Don’t be surprised by seeing some cumulonimbus until we call it a day in the western Panhandle town of Adrian.

DAY THREE (Tuesday)
We’re going to be behind that developing cold front on Tuesday, as thunderstorms will really blow up overnight as we sleep in Adrian. In the southwest, we will really be outside of much synoptic forcing. We won’t be under high pressure, but we won’t have to worry about showers or storms, either. Temperatures will be a little cool, but we won’t have to worry about any precipitation or anything interrupting our day. We’ll end in Winona, Arizona, outside of Flagstaff.

DAY FOUR (Wedesday)
There will be a ridge emerging over the west coast, as we head into California. There isn’t going to be much wind and there will be no precipitation. If we get going early, we might see some haze in the central Valley, but I think we will arrive in San Jose with good weather as a companion for the entire day. As we cross into Silicone Valleyarea, we may have to contend with some smoke, as there are still some lingering forest fires in the region. San Jose itself, however, should be nice.