Pittsfield, Massachusetts

We made it everybody! It’s October now! Well, the forecasts for October anyways. That means today is your first Pumpkin Spice Forecast! What? Everything is it seems. Okay okay, I’ll just stick with normal-flavored forecasts.

At 1154pm EDT, the temperature at Pittsfield, MA was 48 degrees with fog/mist being reported. A cutoff low pressure system continues to camp out over the Ohio Valley tonight, with a weak low found off the New England coastline as well. Due to a high pressure system entrenched over southeast Canada, this cutoff low is pretty much stuck where it is for the next couple of days. This broad southerly fetch is continuing to pump moisture over the Eastern Seaboard, which is keeping scattered showers in much of the region throughout the weekend. High pressure finally breaks down by late Sunday allowing the system to finally start pushing eastward, with conditions improving for Monday. Not the greatest way to start off the month, but at least it’s not snowing!

Saturday: Scattered showers. High 55, Low 46.
Sunday: Chance of showers persist, but lighter. High 60, Low 47.

TWC: Saturday: Cloudy with chance of showers. High 56, Low 48.
Sunday: Better chance of showers. High 60, Low 50.

AW: Saturday: Cloudy with areas of drizzle. High 57, Low 48.
Sunday: Cloudy with a shower or two. High 63, Low 48.

NWS: Saturday: Showers likely. High 56, Low 50.
Sunday: Chance of showers. High 62, Low 51.

WB: Saturday: Chance of showers. High 55, Low 48.
Sunday: Chance of showers. High 60, Low 49.

WN: Saturday: Cloudy with a chance of showers. High 55, Low 50.
Sunday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. High 63, Low 52.

FIO: Saturday: Light rain in the morning and evening. High 58, Low 48.
Sunday: Drizzle starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. High 61, Low 50.

Most of the showers in the area are off to the north and east of Pittsfield currently and continue to lift to the north. Some light showers/drizzle are expected to shift through overnight, with more coming through the weekend.