Mansfield, Ohio to Duluth, Minnesota

Here we go, on the road again. It’s a gutshot through the heart of the Chicago metro, which will slow us down enough that the drive will last a day and a half. We’ll cover 784 miles at a pace of 63.6mph, which will  lead to a target distance of 508.5 miles on Thursday. Let’s get going. The North Shore of Lake Superior is very pretty this time of year.

DAY ONE: (Thursday) Mansfield
Tomorrow morning, a slow moving, mostly cut off upper level low will be centered over Richmond, Indiana. A secondary cold front will be parked over Mansfield, leading to blustery winds and rain, and for the most part making us feel good about leaving town. The northern flank of precipitation will lie over northern Indiana and Ohio, which will lead to a steady bout of rain to start the day. The low isn’t moving tomorrow, friends. Instead, it will continue to churn up instability over the Great Lakes, and the threat for showers and storms will drift west so far that we might see some light rain as we traverse Chicagoland. We will finally break through the clouds and rain around Janesville and Madison. It won’t last long, though, as we will call it a day in Wisconsin Dells. It might be tough to leave the Dells on Tuesday if you stay somewhere too nice, so stay somewhere trashy.

DAY TWO (Friday)
That area of low pressure will be retrograding, so as we begin, there may be a bit more drizzle, all of which won’t last more than a half hour or so out of the Dells. It will be dry from at least Tomah onward, but a northwest flow off of Lake Superior can only mean one thing for Duluth: low clouds. Well, maybe two things. They will probably be significantly colder than the areas around them.