Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Portland, Oregon

After a couple of short, single day trips, we’re headed off for a 5 day trip from the southeast to the northwest. It doesn’t get much longer than this. It does, but not much. The drive will cover 2741 miles, which we will cover at a pace of 68.5mph, and will evenly distribute 548 miles on each of the 5 days.

DAY ONE (Thursday)
With troughing across the east coast and an area of low pressure over the northern Plains, there is a pocket of dry air between those regions. We’ll see sunny skies with above average temperatures from Fort Walton Beach all the way to Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, where we will stop for the night.

DAY TWO (Friday)
Low pressure will deepen rapidly in the Colorado Plains, with southerly flow producing hot, humid air over the central Plains. While driving in our air conditioned vehicle, this won’t mean a whole lot, so what actually is relevant to our road tripping is the continued clear skies through Oklahoma and much if Kansas. We’re going to pull in to Brewster, Kansas to polish off our Tuesday.

DAY THREE (Saturday)
Low pressure will shift north towards the Dakotas and Canadian Prairies. There will be some weak, morning thunderstorms as we leave Brewster in western Kansas, but we will be in the stable cold sector by the time we hit the Colorado line. We’ll make it to Laramie without any problems, but on the back end of the low, temperatures might be cool enough for some mountain snows as we head west through southern Wyoming. Be careful in the Passes! We’ll stop for the night in Purple Sage, Wyoming, near Rock Springs.

DAY FOUR (Sunday)
By Sunday, we will be well west of any action, embedded within high pressure over the Rockies. We’ll make it through northern Utah, southern Idaho and right up to the Oregon border in Huntington, on the Oregon side of the Snake River.

DAY FIVE (Monday)
There is going to be another heat wave out west. We’re headed to Portland in the face of another bout of late season warmth. It won’t be anything like we would expect in the Pacific Northwest. Expect sunny skies, and not even a hint of rain.