Lexington, Kentucky to Fort Walton Beach, Florida

You know, Kentucky and Florida are both colleges in the same athletic conference, the SEC, so perhaps it should be no surprise that Lexington and Fort Walton Beach are a mere 10hours apart. This one day, 655 mile┬átrip will be accomplished at a rate of almost 65mph. It looks like a fairly nice drive, so let’s get to it!

There is a weak area of low pressure off the Carolina coast tonight, and it will remain there tomorrow. It isn’t being monitored by the NHC or anything like that, so for our purposes, all we need to worry about is the fact that it is helping direct dry air into the Tennessee Valley. There is a developing area of low pressure in the central Plains as well, and our entire route will be in a stasis between the two features. What does all this mean? We’re in for a pretty nice drive to the Panhandle of Florida.