San Jose, California to Gulfport, Mississippi

We’re embarking on quite a trip today, from one giant body of water to another. This trip from San Jose to Gulfport, MS will cover 2,288 over 4 long days. Hope you have your car games stocked up, we’ll be going through them all!



We leave San Jose early in the morning with perhaps a hint of a marine layer sticking around, but we’ll soon be rid of that as we make our way southward through the Central Valley. Conditions should be pretty pleasant as we continue by my old stomping grounds in the Santa Clarita Valley and eventually bypass Los Angeles to the north. Continued dry weather anticipated as we push by Palm Springs and eventually end our long day in Blythe, CA, right on the CA/AZ border.


Another long day in store as we continue our trek through the Desert Southwest. Some partly cloudy skies are expected as we head eastward towards Phoenix and dry weather looks to continue as we push towards Tucson. The afternoon hours look to be a little dicey as we continue along I-10 towards southwest NM, as the monsoon season is still in full effect. We could encounter some activity as we traverse the passes around San Simon, AZ and Lordsburg, NM. Some late evening activity will keep us on our toes as we head by Las Cruces and eventually into our stop for the night, El Paso.


Today we start our “Texas Day”, meaning we’ll drive almost 600 miles and STILL be in Texas when we finish. It’s a gigantic state. There might be some isolated showers lingering in the area when we leave in the morning, but shouldn’t be too bad really. Much of the day will be spent enjoying dry weather and just a few clouds as we fly though western Texas (yay for 80mph speed limits!). It won’t be until we pass by Junction that some scattered activity might pop up, but the majority of activity today should remain to the north/east of our route. A lingering shower is possible around San Antonio, but the trip should remain dry as we pull into Seguin, TX, not far east of San Antonio.


Finally! Our last day! It’s still a long one though, over 550 miles covering 3 states. A weak disturbance lingers along the TX/LA border, so a few late-morning showers could be already greeting us as we push through Houston. There’s going to be hit-or-miss showers/thunderstorms over much of far eastern Texas/western LA as we pass by Beaumont and Lake Charles, but should be able to dodge any clusters that would pop up as they’d probably be further inland. The big question at this point, isn’t if the weather will slow our trip through LA down to our final destination, but if the interstate will be in good enough shape to get through in a timely manner. The area experienced horrific flooding the last fortnight, and honestly still is, but the worst of it should have passed south of our route and allowed for the crews to clean up the main thoroughfares. If so, we should have a fairly smooth finish to the trip, albeit a tiring one, into Gulfport.