Shreveport, Louisiana to Kalamazoo, Michigan

I think the biggest lesson of road tripping that I have learned that you have to really experience to grasp is just how big Illinois is from south to north. We are taking a two day trip from Shreveport to Kalamazoo, and much of the 973 mile trek will be spent in Illinois. We will pace ourselves at 67.6mph. We will cover 541 miles on that first day which will undoubtedly stop in Illinois.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)
It’s a little surprising, given how rough things have been in the south central United State, but we are actually going to enjoy a dry drive through Arkansas on Wednesday morning. It will be warm and humid, certainly, but roads should be clear and we shouldn’t have a problem on our northeasterly trek. A developing laminar trough axis northwest of our route, but a little parallel to it will emerge through the day from northern Illinois and Missouri to the Panhandle region. Don’t be surprised to see a few clouds to develop over our last hour on I-57 into Marion, Illinois. Of course we finish in Illinois, after that intro.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
There will be a mostly stationary boundary as a result of all that activity in the Great Lakes and northern Plains, and the few showers drifting south towards the Marion area will diminish. While that is good, the rain will consolidate further north, and we will be intersecting the first bands of rain starting around Gilman, Illinois, and it will be at it’s heaviest as we negotiate I-80/I-90 thorugh the southern Chicago suburbs and work to find our exit to I-94. That’s fine, there is rarely any traffic here and it’s pretty easy to figure out (sarcasm). The rain will diminish as we continue north, and if it isn’t over by the time we reach Lalamazoo, it will be fairly soon thereafter.