Kokomo, Indiana to St. Joseph, Missouri

I always thought that Indianna was generally much further north than Missouri, but, as it turns out, they aren’t that far apart when looking at their polar pllacement. The trip from Kokomo to St. Joseph is almost due west. Without a north/south element to the drive, it’s only an 8 hour drive, covering 519 miles, which will, thanks to some rounding, equate to a pace of 63.4mph. There will be some slow roads through rural parts of the Mid-Mississippi Valley.

It’s still there. The lingering ridge riding rain showers funneled through the Ohio Valley are continuing to fall across the region. There were flood warnings from Cleveland all the way to the Ozarks. Fortunately, this heavy rain will mostly stay south of our route. There will be a bit of organization within this moist plume. As is the case with organizing trough structures, the heavy rain will start to lift to the north. If we start off in time and head out fast enough, we’ll avoid the rain completely. If not, the threat should be through by the time we reach Decatur. Clear weather will blanket northern Missouri bringing warmer temperatures to the region, and signaling a good end to the drive.
St Joseph