Kalamazoo, Michigan to Mobile, Alabama

Kalamazoo, Michigan to Mobile, Alabama
It’s a beautiful weekend, that I suspect will be best enjoyed by seeing the open road. We’ll take about 2 days to travel from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, covering 973 miles. This drive will be done at the speedy pace of 71.4mph, thanks to free way driving almost the entire way down. With this blistering pace, our goal will be to cover 571 miles. Shouldn’t be much traffic, given that it is a Sunday.

DAY ONE (Sunday)
There is a cold front moving through the Ohio Valley today, and it’s a good one. Behind this boundary,, cool, dry air is filtering into the Great Lakes, and by the time we leave tomorrow, it will fill into the Ohio Valley as well. There will be a few thunderstorms cropping up in the Appalachians late in the day, and a few of these cells may build towards central Tennessee, but I’m not too worried. I think we will make it all the way to Lewisburg, Tennessee, before we pull off for the night.

DAY TWO (Monday)
A trough draped across the northern part of Florida looks more ominous, even, than what we were expecting yesterday. By Monday morning, there will be a local circulation centered near Dothan, drawing moisture on shore and producing widespread rain and thunderstorms. Expect nearly stratiform, often torrential rain, sometimes embedded with thunder, throughout our day. We won’t be at the eastern end of this feature, so we will avoid any threat of severe weather, but that doesn’t make the drive any nicer.