Lake Charles, Louisiana to Anderson, Indiana

Let’s take a nice little trip, shall we? Does two days through the heart of America sound pretty good to you? We’re going to cover 1013 miles over the course of about 15 hours.  With several twists and turns and drives through large cities, it seems like we might trudge our way slowly northward. Nope! Expect a pace of 68.75mph, which means 550 miles on Friday, leaving a bit of meat on the bone for Saturday.

DAY ONE (Friday)
Lake Charles
At the base of a ridge moving into the Great Lakes, there is a perturbation preparing to shift from the Plains to the Southeast. Showers and storms will move quickly from Kansas and Oklahoma to cover much of Mississippi tomorrow morning. We will have a chance for thunderstorms starting around the point we turn north at Hammond. The heaviest of the activity will be between McComb and Brookhaven and then taper off by the time we hit Granada. It will likely clear up entirely as we head towards Memphis. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that our one stop, in Keiser, Arkansas, is completely dry.

DAY TWO (Saturday)
That moisture is expected to build back to the north overnight, so rain will fall after we arrive in Keiser and continue as we depart on Sunday morning. Guidance is all over the place with the scattered showers and storms in the region. I’ll stay on the safe side and say that the threat of wet weather will continue until we reach the Ohio River, even though I’m confident it won’t rain the whole time until we reach that point. North of the Ohio, we will be under the warm (cool, actually) embrace of high pressure. The trek through Illinois into Indiana will be free and easy.