Corvallis, Oregon to Bay City, Michigan

We have a lengthy road trip in our future, as we are scheduled to last 4 1/2 days, covering 2437 miles. This will put us on a pretty quick 67.7mph pace. Our full days will last 542 miles, leaving a little bit of change at the end. Let’s navigate our way through some mountains.

DAY ONE (Wednesday)
corvallisAs we discussed yesterday in relation to Corvallis, there is a nice little area of of high pressure over the Pacific Northwest. There will be heat in the valley, and likely nott a cloud in sight from western Oregon into Idaho. We will make it to Wendell, Idaho to finish the day off. It should be plenty warm there as well.

DAY TWO (Thursday)
There will be a little bit of shower activity in the northern part of the Front Range from Montana to Wyoming, but an organizing low in the High Plains will wrap moisture into itself and away from the northern Rockies. We will make it to Elk Mountain .Wyoming without a drop, and call it a night.

DAY THREE (Friday)
That low that mentioned on Thursday will be a bowling ball of concentrated energy, shooting through the Upper Midwest and dragging slightly cooler but mostly dryer air into the High Plains. Once again, we will enjoy dry conditions for the drive on Friday, as we head out of Wyoming and across the longest part of Nebraska, coming to rest in Lincoln.

DAY FOUR (Saturday)
The next wave will be moving into the Plains, thanks to predominant westerlies and the Rocky Mountains, overnight Friday into Monday. Southerly flow returning to the Plains will conflict with the southerlies behind the previous system, and in Lincoln, we may see a smattering of rain showers. The wet weather won’t be long lived, however,and we’ll be able to get through Iowa and Illinois unscathed, ending the day in Portage, Indiana on the shores of Lake Michigan.

DAY FIVE (Sunday)
As has been our fortune on this trek, expect more clear weather on Sunday as we make the final drive diagonally across the Lower Peninusla. It looks like the heat that we will see through much of the trip will even abate, leading to a pleasant end to the weekend in Bay City.

Bay City