Heat, but no thunder

Sorry, with the big basketball news of the day, I had to jazz up my title with some NBA references. We’re actually talking about Topeka, which doesn’t have an NBA presence to speak of, so it makes even less sense. What did make sense was the weather in Topeka towards the end of last week, where temperatures increased ahead of an advancing area of low pressure, emerging from the Rockies. An advancing cold front didn’t reach Topeka by the end of the day Satuday, so the beginning of last weekend was entirely dry. The lack of rain brought two forecasters with the best temperature numbers back to the field, where they tied with two outlets that left rain out of the forecast on Saturday. It was a 4 way tie atop the leaderboard, between Victoria-Weather, The Weather Channel, Accuweather and WeatherNation.
Actuals:  Friday, .02 inches of rain, High 90, Low 69
Saturday – High 95, Low 76

Grade: B